Chloe Rona – Cruel Intentions 
Chloe Rona - Cruel Intentions

Release Date: 16th March 2018

Well this is a bit delicious isn’t it? The synth bass that opens ‘Cruel Intentions’ is set so low and murky that it sounds like it’s wading through thick treacle with a sense of purpose and direction. Then comes the voice of Chloe Rona which is powerful and RnB centred but there’s a lighter and more gently seductive tone to the vocals here as well which flutters in and out like a fire fly in the pitch black. What Rona does so well on this track is mix low and high, dark and light, sweet and sour in to one hypnotic siren call of a song that stands out for its originality in a world where being unique isn’t always the first purpose of music.