Cecilia Ebba – Just Fantasy 

Cecilia Ebba - Just Fantasy
Release Date: Out Now

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Ebba is back with another gorgeous single and that tried and tested method of regularly drip feeding songs to build up a following is working like a charm with this humble blogger. ‘Just Fantasy’ represents a step forward in terms of confidence and power from Ebba as the early soft vocals and guitar notes like melting icicles soon give way to a glorious sunrise full of fresh drums and ice cool melodies. This is assured and refined music which sashays with a sense of ease through a wintry landscape until finding a quiet glade in the middle eight and that Swedish heritage flows through the music and vocals alike. Ebba is genuine contender who seems able to bring the magic and sparkle to a song with unerring consistency and that will surely pay dividends in the fullness of time.