We Three Kings – Fire EP 

We Three Kings - Fire EP
Release Date: Out Now

I’m not a betting man but I’d be happy to lay down some cash that Manchester trio We Three Kings have a nightmare gigging around Christmas so maybe they take a festive break each year. That might explain the early in the year release of this new EP, ‘Fire’, but it doesn’t explain just where they found the primal energy for this collection in January. Opening with ‘Sound of the Radio’ and immediately we’re on a night-time 100mph desert drive with the stereo turned up full and the buzzsaw guitars flying out of the speakers. ‘The Barrel’ keeps the pace with the drums pounding hard and heavy while the bass grumbles and thrums like a diesel engine and the chanted “You’ve got me bent over the barrel” comes across like a mix of Motorhead, Slade, Queen, Thin Lizzy and Queens of the Stone Age.

On ‘Bright Lights Of The City’ we enter a slightly more Black Keys-esque territory and it’s an infectious territory to be in with it’s rolling guitars and skin tight denim and leather combination. There’s no time to catch your breath before ‘Uncontrollable Squeal’ rolls in to view with it’s headlights set to stun and a blues structure bound together by barbed wire and doused in bourbon. The EP closes up with ‘Invisible Man’ and it doesn’t let you down with the almost Glam-rock energy in the guitars and huge sounding drums. I think the thing I love most about this EP and We Three Kings themselves is their unashamed and determined mission to rock out, rock hard and take rock’n’roll back to basics for the good of us all. You’re welcome.

Live Dates:

10th February – The Peer Hat, Manchester