Reigning Days – Inhaler (Marshall Records) 

Reigning Days - Inhaler
Release Date: Out Now

Devon trio Reigning Days are dangling their album in front of me like a collection of brightly coloured feathers in front of an innocent and confused kitten. New single ‘Inhaler’ is a rare catch of claw on feather but oh what a sweet, sweet claw it is. The riff that opens ‘Inhaler’ and the corresponding rhythm section are pure Queens of the Stone Age meets Eagles of Death Metal and I, for one, love it. Chuck in some breathless, distorted vocals and a sense of coming off the road at every corner and you know you’re in for two and a half minutes of a rollercoaster….. with no safety bar. File alongside the likes of Turbowolf and Jamie Lenman if you want to organise your music by how hard it rocks.