Peter Kernel – Men of the Women 

Peter Kernel - Men of the Women
Release Date: Out Now

Who doesn’t love a Swiss-Canadian post-punk band formed by a graphic designer and filmmaker? Peter Kernel are one such band and their new single ‘Men of the Women’ is a heady brew of syncopated beats, teased guitar notes and breathy, almost drugged vocals. This is part Shoegaze but with more energy and part Grunge but with better melodies. The dreamy vocals of Barbara Lehnhoff slide in alongside St Etienne and Sleater Kinney but there is something genuinely hypnotic and alluring about this like that moment you see your friend in a different light for the first time and realise you’ve been in love this whole time. Dreamy.

Live Dates:
9th March – FOCE, Lugano
20th March – Botanique, Brussels
23rd March – Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
19th April – Point Ephemere, Paris
20th April – Luxor Live, Arnhem

Watch the video: