Maria Rago – The Sound of Leaves 

Maria Rago - The Sound of Leaves
Release Date: Out Now

It would be all too easy to pigeon hole Maria Rago as an eccentric and classify her music as something way out to the left, especially when the dramatic, dark notes of ‘The Sound of Leaves’ start off. Taking a lead from Muse or, more likely, Rachmaninov, the piano notes stomp with a relentless energy towards some ominous conclusion before a lightness starts to creep in and twinkle. The imagery of sunlight flowing through leaves and dappling on the woodland floor is unavoidable but there is real drama here and comparisons with Ludovico Einaudi are equally inescapable. There is a cinematic feel to this and it is glorious in it’s various movements and emotions so do yourself a favour and make time to thoroughly absorb and enjoy this one.

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