Dr Nick – Slave to the Beast 

Dr Nick - Slave to the Beast
Release Date: Out Now

There’s always something slightly intriguing these days about musicians who find their way to this humble blog with very little social media presence. In the way that many bands used to spend time finding that perfect band name before they’d played a note, nowadays musicians set up their social media profiles before they’ve played a gig or released a single track. Nevertheless, here we have one such artist in the shape of Dr Nick (aka Nick Brown) who I know precious little about but he has an album so let’s give it a listen shall we?

‘Conspiracy’ opens up with a Top Gear guitar chug and snappy drums before settling in to a Doors-esque drawl telling of various conspiracy theories through time before ‘Heart Eyes’ takes over with a Summer-of-Love vibe and pleasing country-inspired guitars. The country vibe continues on ‘A Time That’s Good’ while ‘Consolations of Philosophy’ gets the cowbell working overtime and soon you’re hanging out in Haight Ashbury smoking something intoxicating. ‘The King of Spain’ breaks out the Spanish guitar and guiro to labour the point slightly but then ‘Wanting’ goes all Manzarek on our collective asses with driving organ getting the party started – all that’s missing is the go-go dancers.

The guitar chug is strong on ‘Another Unrequited Love Song’, ‘Pound of Flesh’ has a nice chilled flow to it and ‘Passive Aggressive Me’ could fit easily on a Divine Comedy album without seeming out of place. The album closes out with the brace of ‘Sausage Roll Song’ (a track rejected by Peter Kay, surely) and ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ which has an inexplicably 80s New Romantic rhythm section before the deep, moody voice of Dr Nick and those twangy guitars bring things back on message. There are some really nice moments on this album and this guy has the kind of voice you could lose yourself in but I’m not sure it all comes together to form the strongest album. There’s a solid EP in here somewhere but whatever beast Dr Nick is a slave to is should maybe give him a break for a while.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/drnickmusic/