Black Anchors – Black Anchors EP 
Black Anchors - EP

Release Date: 27th April 2018

So, this is the debut release from North Devon trio Black Anchors who, let’s face it, have picked themselves an awesome name for a punk band. What’s more impressive, however, is that their debut release which comes less than a year after they formed is so damn good. Opening up with ‘Favourite Records’, Black Anchors kick straight in with the desperate line “Happiness is a moment, heaven is whatever, we’re gonna get better, gonna get better” and then the guitars and drums come crashing in with blistering heat and pace…which is nice. The band barrel along like Green Day in their pre-stadium days but with a more British voice and a fuller sound.

The excellently titled ‘Me, Tom Waits and an Empty Bottle of Run’ keeps the energy levels high and gives the Ataris a run for their money with that story-telling garage punk vibe without forgetting the hooks and melodies. ‘Resurrection Summer’ is probably my favourite track here with a note of inspiration from Kate Nash, a bit of Frank Turner and more than a sense of Billy Bragg in it’s protest vibes. The EP closes out with ‘Heavenly Lane’ which is a slower offering with an acoustic intro which tells tales of stalking Shane McGowan and falling in love with an organ backing and vocals that are begging to be sung back at the band by packed pubs, venues and festival tents. And just like that, the three-piece pop their collars, hunch their shoulders and stroll off in to a cold and drizzly night. This is an opening shot, a calling card if you will, but expect more from these three and look out for what I predict will be some fun and energetic live shows.

Live Dates:

31st March – The Cobblestones, Bridgewater