Tina Boonstra – My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again) 
Tina Boonstra - My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again)

Release Date: Out Now

My first encounter with Tina Boonstra was in 2017 and it was a moment of pure beauty and joy. Now, in 2018 we have another release ahead of a fully-fledged EP and, despite being a slightly teenage angsty title, ‘My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again)’ is actually kinda beautiful as well. “There’s a tarmac road where a river used to be” is how this one opens with a delicate beat and, eventually, some reluctant guitar notes shuffle in without raising their eyes. Boonstra’s voice is cracked at the edges but the tone is perfect and the notes are always in the right places. It doesn’t even take half the song for me to fall in love with this, get a lump in my throat and start to attach the words to life situations that I’ve lived and will live again. There’s a whole EP of this simple beauty coming in February and I urge you to wrap yourself up in it and just let the music give your soul what it needs. Everyone’s different but everyone needs some soul nourishing from time to time.