Shitkid – Yooouuu (PNKSLM Recordings) 
Shitkid -  Yooouu

Release Date: Out Now

Sweden had a big year in 2017, musically speaking, but it was dominated by solo female pop wannabes. With every period of dominance comes an antithesis which comes in the shape of Shitkid (aka Asa Soderqvist – a solo female Swedish musician). The beauty of new single ‘Yooouu’ is not just in it’s raw, directness covering the age-old theme of a break up but it’s the lolloping, sloping drums and bass that you expect to erupt in to a Pixies-esque squall. But no, Shitkid keeps the late-night vibes and sparseness to the fore throughout and after a little over two minutes you feel like you’ve been hanging out at one of Pete Doherty’s all-nighters while this was being jammed out in the corner. It’s dirty and sticky and it reeks of alcohol breath but it’s also honest, emotionally raw and all the more beautiful for it.