Roz Birch – Precious Gifts EP 
Roz Birch - Precious Gifts

Release Date: Out Now

I don’t care who you are, if someone comes to the table with Bat For Lashes, Pink Floyd, Otis Redding and Tina Turner in their influence bag then the very least you can do is hear what they’ve got to say. In this bag meets table scenario, it is Plymouth based chanteuse Roz Birch bringing those influences and what a voice we have to listen to!? The opening track of this new EP is the simply titled ‘Be’ and it rolls and undulates with ease as the piano notes are matched in their soulful smoothness by Birch’s voices to great effect. Up next is ‘These Hands’ and there’s a real Joe Cocker jamming with Eric Clapton vibe about the lonely, late night piano notes being given comfort by forlorn guitar licks but, once again, it’s that voice that gives us hope in the darkest hour as that soul oozes in to every gap like honey on a waffle.

At the half-way point, things take a turn for the edgy as ‘Tonight’ sees Tori Amos-esque piano rolls meet with Beverly Craven levels of broodiness with a dirty blues riff looking on from the shadows. This is music for the night time and for those with attentive ears – fine dining instead of fast food, if you will. ‘Same Eyes, Different View’ only furthers that view with a slick and sleek soul tune that sits on the same perch as Sade or Joss Stone with its subtle reggae rhythm and effortlessly soaring vocals – sexy without being in your face about it and that’s a rare balance to find these days. The EP closes out with ‘All I Get’ as the Piano works its percussive magic alongside some carefully sprinkled instrumentation and a sense that this jam could go all night long if you keep the wine flowing and lights down low. Roz Birch is a rare talent in that she clearly understands how craft songs in a variety of genres but what’s most impressive is how she weaves them together like a luxurious patchwork quilt with her sultry vocals being the thread that binds it all. Blissful.  

Live Dates:

21st January – Rod & Line, Tideford

24th March – One Day Fest @ the Inn on the Shore, Downderry [FREE ENTRY]