Pale Grey feat. MC Serengeti – Late Night 
Pale Grey feat. MC Serengeti - Late Night

Release Date: Out Now

Belgian trio Pale Grey start this track like they’re trying to communicate with aliens in a Close Encounters reboot but then Serengeti joins in and the beat drops and everything changes. Literally everything. ‘Late Night’ is chilled and blissed like a late night street walk with a little buzz still lingering from earlier on as you take it all in without making eye contact. Slow, slurred vocals add to the vibe in the chorus and the synths blend in to the melee but those beats just won’t give up. This feels like Soulwax remixing a Young Knives track with Jay-Z adding a bit of flair to proceedings and, on paper, that shouldn’t work but it just does. Stick this in your Beats headphones and go out for a walk when all the bars are shut – I swear the night will just unfold in front of you like a comic book.

Live Dates:

18th January – Eurosonic, Groningen
5th February – TUL, Louvain-la-Neuve
1st March – La Parenthese, Lyon
2nd March – Treppenhaus, Rorschach
3rd March – Ebullition, Bull
4th March – Café Bar Mokka, Thun
14th March – Oasis, Le Mans
15th March – El Mediator, Perpignan

16th March – Atabal, Biarritz