Nick Gladdish – Tall Stories EP 
Nick Gladdish - Tall Stories

Release Date: Out Now

Newcastle based singer-songwriter Nick Gladdish is back with a new clutch of songs gathered together on the ‘Tall Stories EP’ for your listening pleasure. Things kick off with ‘Kindergarten Child’, a tune that revolves a stop-start piano riff and some rich organ sounds to create a vibe that feels like Feeder’s Grant Nicholas doing a solo album produced by the spirit of George Harrison. Moving on to ‘Box/Isolated’ and Gladdish reveals a timeless quality to his songwriting as the piano and vocal combination would work on a McCartney track, such is the tenderness and honesty in the performance and arrangement – the warmth of additional strings towards the end only adds to the wistfulness of this number.

There’s a real Sunday morning vibe to ‘Better Person’ if you listen beyond the slightly clicky rhythm in the opening verse and soon you’ll find yourself heading out for brunch with your friends despite the sense of unease that your life is a sham and you’re just ticking off the days to retirement. On ‘Everyone’s Ball’, Gladdish turns showman as we start to veer towards Radio 2 friendly territory (no bad thing) and the vocal harmonies are perfectly pitched to create a warm and inviting tune with some subtle slide guitar notes giving this a slight country edge. Now, if you’re going to finish an EP with a track called ‘Time & Space’ then it really out to be a jazzy number and feature Brian Cox on either spoken word rap or jazz flute. Gladdish has the jazzy vibes nailed but there is no Cox to be seen or heard on this one so you’ll just have to dance to this Spanish guitar tinged romp instead. Once again, Nick Gladdish has shown off his ability to turn his hand to any given genre with flair and ease – apart from Grime, he’s crap at Grime.

Live Dates:

2nd February – Madhatter 3 Charity Event @ The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle
24th March – One Day Fest @ the Inn on the Shore, Downderry [FREE ENTRY]