Natali Felicia – This Summer Is Cruel 
Natali Felicia - This Summer Is Cruel

Release Date: Out Now

Considering this song is only three minutes long, it moves with such deliberate and languid style that you feel like you’re lost in another world for hours which means Natali Felicia may have learned how to manipulate time. Whether it be sicene or magic, Swedish singer Felicia has created something gorgeous on ‘This Summer Is Cruel’ that sits somewhere between Chris Isaacs and Lana Del Rey with her drawn out vocal and Hozier-esque balladry as guitar notes lollop along and the beats don’t do anything to hurry them. This is one to save until those cold evenings start drawing in at the end of the summer but give it a sneaky listen now anyway – it’s the end of the summer somewhere, after all.

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