Flying Horseman – Deep Earth (Unday Records) 
Flying Horseman - Deep Earth

Release Date: Out Now

I love this track but I’m fully aware that not everyone else will – it’s a crowd splitter but if you give it a chance you might love it like I do. Antwerp’s Flying Horseman know how to build an atmosphere and ‘Deep Earth’ is a great example of intricately woven guitar notes being layered up atop a solid base of dirty bass and riveted together with drums that punch and puncture with precision. Imagine the mood of Jeff Buckley performed by the Arcade Fire and egged on by Nick Drake and Iggy Pop arguing over who can do the best Bowie impression in the production booth. This is nearly six minutes of intense and dark music but if you’re anything like me you will find this deeply fulfilling and enthralling. Go on, dip a toe in and see what you think. Oh, but don’t stare at the video for too long, it will drive you crazy.

Live Dates:

23rd February – Bar Mokka, Thun
24th February – Ebullition, Bulle
1st March – Mezz, Breda
2nd March – Het Bos, Antwerp
3rd March – Het Bos, Antwerp
7th March – STUK, Leuven
9th March – Handelsbeurs, Gent
10th March – MOD, Hasselt
15th March – AB, Brussel
17th March – Cactus, Brugge
24th March – Ekko, Utrecht
6th April – Paradiso, Amsterdam
13th April – ‘t Beest, Goes
16th April – Muziekgieterij, Maastricht
18th April – L’Antre-2, Lille

Watch the Video: