Emma Saunders – Demos 

Emma Saunders

Release Date: Out Now

I love getting music like this. No fanfare, no bombast and no press bumph, just amazingly refreshing music without any of the nonsense. London based Emma Saunders has recorded three tracks that deserve your attention for their effortless cool as much as for their sweet beauty. Opening track ‘I Fell Alive’ is like a lost Amy Winehouse track from the sultry, cracked vocals to the music steeped in the melodies and rhythms of Jewish and Yiddish music, this is soul but with refreshing take. Second track ‘Everything to Me’ sees Saunders’ voice unfolding further with those deep, rich tones that bring the likes of latter-day Johnny Cash to mind as well as Winehouse and Paloma Faith.

Sure, the musicianship is basic but that’s just a backdrop for that voice – a voice that really ought to be wafting out of radios, filling the void left by Amy and Adele but with something new to say. The third and final track is ‘Take My Hand’ with it’s plodding, almost laboured acoustic notes made perfect by the silken lullaby of Saunders’ soft, late evening tones weaving in between each note. I don’t know what the plan is for Emma Saunders but it would be a crime if this was as far as she went with a voice that can soothe angry Gods and make angels weep tears of joy.

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/emma-saunders-275377403/tracks