DYLYN – Wolf 
DYLYN - Wolf

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto talent DYLYN keeps blipping up on my radar like a slowly approaching dolphin but with an album on the way in February those blips are getting closer together. New single ‘Wolf’ is another DYLYN blip on the scanner that throbs and pulsates like an 80s smash but with DYLYN’s trademark breathy vocal keeping it nice and fresh with a Katy Perry vibe and a heavy dose of strutting positivity with a peacock-esque posture. There’s scope for a vibrant and colourful video here and this has the potential to be a summertime smash with it’s call to arms for all of DYLYN’s sisters. Elements of LadyHawke and EDM bangers mingle together to make this an uplifting and delighting tune. More than a blip though, much more.