Cecilia Ebba – Voices 
Cecilia Ebba - Voices

Release Date: Out Now

2017 definitely belongs to Sweden in terms of the quality and volume of music being produced from a single country (Canada won 2016 in case you’re keeping score) and Cecilia Ebba is another Scandinavian talent worth keeping an ear out for. New single ‘Voices’ is a woozy, blurred track with gently rippled guitars and delicately crunching beats in the background as if honeycomb is breaking over the rich, smooth chocolate of Ebba’s voice. This is utterly soothing and enveloping stuff in the way Seaker or Sia wrap you up in their mood-scapes and then, like a pebble appearing in reverse from the ripples of a lake, there is clarity at last. Beautiful music with a perfect structure and mood curve – it’s almost Ikea-esque in it’s perfect design.