Straylings - Umpteenth (Deadpan Records)
Straylings - Umpteenth

Release Date: Out Now

South East duo Dana and Oliver, aka Straylings, have called their new single ‘Umpteenth’ which I entirely approve of in terms of getting a much under-used word back in to circulation. I also approve wholeheartedly of the music which shimmies and shakes like the missing link between Anna Calvi and the Dead Weather with wailing guitars, clatteringly mechanical drums and a voice to die for. Yes, Dana Zeera (there’s a rock start name for you) has the kind of range that makes you think of Kate Bush but the sultry tones are more drawled as if from the Midwest having had some vocal coaching from a hungover Nick Cave. Rich, dark and moody but with just enough swagger to keep it interesting and boy (or should that be girl?) do they know how to make a guitar sing.