Sarah McQuaid – The Tug of the Moon 
Sarah McQuaid - The Tug of the Moon

Release Date: Out Now

Penzance singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid is a seasoned professional at this music lark but that doesn’t make ‘The Tug of the Moon’ any less gorgeous or luxurious. The guitar lounges lazily across a purple velvet sofa while McQuaid’s voice is both soft and assured despite a hint of emotion and wavering in the underlying tone. This is music for the smallest of wee small hours with a half-drunk bottle of red wine and a hat full of regrets to pour over. This isn’t necessarily going to sell big units or get huge air time but this is beautiful music and at some point, when the night is at its darkest, this song will speak to someone when they need it the most.

Live Dates:

7th December – Blue Anchor Inn, Helston

5th February – The Greys, Terrace Cred