So, just in case this confuses you, I went and took some new music in to a school (Keyham Barton, in Plymouth to be precise) and got their year 6's to review it. Here is what a couple of that class thought of the latest release by Poppy Ackroyd but first, my two pennies worth...

Poppy Ackroyd - The Calm Before (One Little Indian)

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Poppy Ackroyd - The Clam Before

Neo-classical superstar in the making Poppy Ackroyd is bringing back a style of music to public consciousness that is sorely missing at the moment and for that alone she should be applauded. However, as if that wasn’t enough, Ackroyd has only gone and recording a stunning piece by the name of ‘The Calm Before’ and you need to give six minutes of your life over to listen to it. There’s a fluttering at the beginning of this that is an intimate and delicate woodwind butterfly wing on one side of the ocean only to build with an ominous swell in to something altogether more powerful. The sprinkled piano notes and disorientating valves clattering mix with plucked violin strings with unerring energy and resolution to move forwards. There is power, there is beauty, there is emotion but most of all there is something so utterly calming about this music that it is hard not to fall under its spell and I really wouldn’t try to resist. Ackroyd has such a huge future ahead of her but, I suspect, entirely on her terms which is just the way you’d want it. 

Year 6 Reviews
The song that I am writing about is called The Calm Before and the artist’s name is Poppy Ackroyd. All the music that she plays and that you hear, she played herself! She’s only 21 years old! After my first listen, I thought the music was very relaxing. What I also thought about the music was that it is a good song for stress relief to help you meditate and calm down. I think the theme of this song could be a peaceful jungle as I would describe it as a peaceful song. This song is perfect for me. It doesn’t have any lyrics but I love the tune that she has created. Out of 10, the rating I would give it is 9 out of 10 because sometimes it gets so quiet that it’s unnoticeable. The picture that I can imagine in my head when I listen to this song is me running through a jungle with a waterfall behind me and I have to survive in the wild with a pack of lions under my feet. That’s because I’ve climbed up into a tree and I’m eating raw pig and that’s why I ended up in a tree with the lions and a few tigers. I enjoyed the song called The Calm Before because it is peaceful and relaxing. I think that it was the best song that Roland played for us. By AH (Addy)

Poppy Ackroyd - trapped in a piano
This song is relaxing, calm and rhythmic because it’s quiet, instrumental and unique. When I first heard this, I almost fell asleep. The noises that are in this song made me think of a rainforest and a waterfall with birds and other animals in the moonlight. The song has no theme and no lyrics, which makes it a very rhythmic piece of music. I highly recommend this song. This beautiful and cleverly-written piece of music was written by a 22-year-old woman who has just graduated from university and I really hope that she will write some more pieces like The Calm Before and I really hope you like this piece of music. There are no downsides to this song so it will be a big success! Well done, Poppy Ackroyd, you are amazing! By EP (Ellen)