Murphykid – Breaking Bread (Yucatan Records) 
Murphykid - Breaking Bread

Release Date: Out Now

You know when you’ve had a hell of a day and you get home and its chaos all you want to do is curl up in a chair and wrap yourself up in a song or a bottle? Well, this is the song to wrap yourself up in when you haven’t got a bottle. Yorkshire lad Murphykid sounds like someone making music in the bleak wastelands of the American-Canadian border which, depending on which part of Yorkshire he’s based in, might be accurate. Nevertheless, ‘Breaking Bread’ has a real and tangible warmth to the acoustic guitar notes and that warmth is given power by some loping drums, searing guitar notes and then there’s that voice. Murphykid has a tenderness, almost a vulnerability but with the flick of a vocal cord he can come across all mid-Western confidence and dashing looks. There is, seemingly, quite a back story to this tune and its writer but rather than regale you with that I think you should just enjoy the music, wrap yourself up in it and be grateful that today is over. Tomorrow might be better, we can but hope. I mean, today we found a Yorkshire Sufjan Stevens so it’s not all bad, right?

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