Malmo – You (Integrity Records) 
Malmo - You

Release Date: Out Now

Firstly, just so we’ve all got our compasses aligned, Malmo are actually from Denmark. Not Sweden. Now, on with the music. The enigmatically title ‘You’, a debut single no less, is a mellow slice of early morning sunshine in the Autumn which warms the heart and the soul. Maria Malmo’s vocal drifts airily in on a breeze of soft acoustic guitars, shuffling drums and indescribable musical warmth. This is the kind of song that should soundtrack a lovers montage in a film that precedes the part where it all goes wrong and one of the lovers gets bored or distracted or sick. For the time being, though, can’t we all just bask in the glorious warmth the sits somewhere between First Aid Kit, Laura Marling and the impish Stina Nordenstam? Yes, we can and more importantly, we should.

Live Dates:

7th November – Rytmisk Musik Holstebro, Holstebro
9th November – Huset I Hasserisgade, Aalborg w/Anna Scharling