Maja Francis – Saved by the Summer (Universal Music) 
Maja Francis - Saved  by the Summer

Release Date: Out Now

It’s been at least three weeks since I’ve heard a new single from a Swedish solo artist of the female variety but Maja Francis is the latest of the conveyor belt and her new single, ‘Saved by the Summer’ ain’t half bad. There’s a gentle groove to this track that has a real feeling of nostalgia to it while the pop vibes are blissed out and lighter than air as Francis sings “Peach light in the morning, stays with me til Evening” with an impish, semi-innocent vocal. You wouldn’t expect this track to come from anywhere other than Sweden as it’s just got that polished pop sound but it’s coming out at exactly the wrong time of year to be an anthem unless it’s going to be a really slow burner.

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