Kat Frankie – Bad Behaviour (Gronland Records) 
Kat Frncis - Bad Behaviour 

Release Date: Out Now

This is my first experience of Berliner Kat Frankie and I am immediately impressed by her style, sophistication and cool confidence. ‘Bad Beahaviour’ has the rapid, articulate delivery of Christine and the Queens with the driving beats of Florence + The Machine and the delicate indie-pop guitars of the Maccabees. Frankie’s vocal ranges from the delicate and confessional to the barely controlled frustrated joy of the chorus and euphoric climax. There’s an extensive tour of Germany planned for 2018 and hopefully some dates further afield as well, this music needs to be heard.

Live Dates:

4th March – Sheune, Dresden
5th March – Brotfabrik, Frankfurt
6th March – Clubcann, Stuttgart
7th March – Eldorado, Zurich
9th March – Chelsea, Wien
11th March – Ampere, Munchen
13th March – Café Cairo, Wurzburg
14th March – Ut connewitz, Leipzig
15th March – Musa, Gottingen
16th March – Franz Melhose, Erfurt
17th March – Gleis 22, Munster
20th March – Kulturkirche, Koln
21st March – Pavillon, Hannover
22nd March – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg
23rd March – Lagerhaus, Bremen
24th March – Helga’s Stadtpalast, Rostock
27th March – Volksbuhne, Berlin
28th March – Volksbuhne, Berlin

Watch the Video: