Isa – I.S.A. (Licious Music) 
Isa - I.S.A.

Release Date: Out Now

Another week another Swedish pop soloist but this one has a slight difference to it. Isa has been involved in Eurovision, signed to a major label and had multi-million streams behind her but she’s rejected all that as it was literally bad for her health. Setting up Licious Music as her own label to release music on, Isa is now putting ‘I.S.A.’ out as her introduction to her own unique personality and style. Musically, this is a straight up pop track with some stabbing synths and a nice rhythmic pulse to it but that’s not the really the point of this track. No, using her polished pop vocals and a large dose of energy, Isa is simply saying ‘I’m here, I’m me and I don’t need to be moulded in to the image of anyone, thank you very much’. Confident, instantly likeable and with a strong clear message – the perfect pop song then. I’m just wondering when the confusing Sia duet is coming out…

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