Glass Mountain – Gin Flows Through My Veins 
Glass Mountain - Gin Flows Through My Veins

Release Date: Out Now

Sometimes songs grow on you and sometimes they hit you instantly. ‘Gin Flows Through My Veins’ by Bradford noiseniks Glass Mountain is somewhere between the two as it took me about a minute before I utterly adored this single. The sprawling musicality is the aural equivalent of a drone flying at speed across ranging English countryside with seemingly unending natural beauty captured on camera. The drums are both driving and loose, the guitars build and soar like something between Elbow and the Maccabees and energy ebbs and flows as though Dutch Uncles were in charge of the fuse box. Throw in Interpol-esque bass line and vocals that are mutually deadpan and impassioned and you’ve got yourself something that’s both refreshingly beautiful and simultaneously exhilarating which is a hard combination to pull off. Glass Mountain manage it though, in spades.

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