Codewalkers - Runaround

Codewalkers – Runaround

Release Date: Out Now

I really had no preconceptions of this track from Cardiff trio Codewalkers but if I had, I expect they would have been completely blown out of the water. ‘Runaround’ starts with a gentle valley choir hum before the sultry vocals sweep in on top of a crunchy beat and low-slung bass line. Frontman Suen Babatola brings a breathless rap vocal to the chorus and I’m instantly reminded of some of my 90s favourites like Faithless, Audioweb, Portishead, Roni Size, Tricky and Asian Dub Foundation. There’s a gorgeous string interlude that is revived by a jungle beat and that consistent, persistent throbbing bass. The mix of styles, genres, tempos and vibes from chilled out to manic makes this the kind of tune you have to listen to a few times to get the full benefit but you can pretty match dance your way through it so that’s no bad thing.

Live Dates:

22nd January – The Moon, Cardiff

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