Chantal O’Brien – I Need You 
Chantal O'Brien - I Need You

Release Date: Out Now

Brisbane born but currently working out of London, Chantal O’Brien is taking her shot at being a pop star and following in the footsteps of her heroines – the likes of Aguilera, Houston, Carey, Dion and Cole according to Facebook. ‘I Need You’ is the new single from O’Brien and, sexy video aside, this has a really dark, sensual vibe to it. The offbeat synth pulses, crunching beats and sultry vocal harmonies create a real late-night vibe that’s perfect for slow dancing but with a definite purpose and just enough pulse to inspire baby-making. O’Brien’s voice is perfect pop fodder with just the right balance of power, siren-song, sensuousness and confidence to propel her to the big leagues.

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