Champagne – Let’s Go Out Tonight 
Champagne - Let's Go Out Tonight

Release Date: Out Now

Leicester indie-poppers Champagne look like a bunch of lads ready for a night out on the town that will start with a few drinking games and end with a kebab and some questionable life decisions. So, it’s not surprising that they’ve released a single that literally takes on the idea of going out for the night out in ‘Let’s Go Out Tonight’. If you take a song that starts like a Bieber meets Mendes lament but then feed it through a mincer in the shape of a Lower Than Atlantis meetsHard-Fi indie-disco smasher then you’ve got this one nailed. There’s something bubbling under the surface of the lyrics that is reminiscent of ‘I Predict A Riot’ but with less detachment which makes this a slightly unappealing prospect but the melodies are strong and the beat keeps pumping so the lyrics probably won’t get too much attention.

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