You know when you chat to a friend and you come up with great ideas but they never actually see the light of day? Well, this time a great idea not only saw the light of day but it blossomed in that light. Months ago, a teacher friend of mine and I were chatting about how to make literacy more interactive in schools and how so much music has just become part of the background noise these days. Putting the two problems together, we set upon the idea of bringing this humble blog, a few genuine new releases and this even more humble blogger in to a school classroom on the first Monday back after half term. Below is part 1 of 3 as the kids of Keyham Barton school take on new single ‘Pride from Blessed. But first, it would be rude not to give the standard LWM view…

Blessed – Pride

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Sisterly duo Blessed are back with another slice of polished and stylish R’n’B pop in the shape of new single ‘Pride’. Working on a lion based metaphor, the pair create a pumping party vibe full of furtive glances and emerging romance. Using throbbing synth melodies and a beat that keeps hitting where it hurts, Lauren and Georgia (aka Blessed) keep things commercially accessible with a catchy melody but also edgy, cool and worthy of sitting alongside the likes of Rita Ora, Beyonce and Little Mix in terms of pop melodies with R’n’B cool. Now, let’s see what the kids have to say…..

Year 6 Reviews
Blessed - Pride
Today, I will be reviewing ‘Pride’ by the duo, Blessed. The teenage girls will be millionaires in no time. The girls are from South-East London, but they will be touring the world in no time. Their songs are catchy and upbeat. You will fall in love with this song in no time. My reaction to the music was ‘oh my gosh, I love it!’ It’s a poppy and fascinating song to listen to. I wanted to get up and dance. I was mesmerised by their voices. This song is an interesting love song. Also, I love the fact that it mentions female lions and male lions.

The song has some really fabulous lyrics and they blend in with the song very well. It was unexpected how good they are. They’re perfect! Their lyrics are very well thought out. This song creates a picture in my mind. There are two girls on an extremely large stage with thousands of fans gathered together. Also, the girls were wearing pink and purple glittery dresses and are singing their hearts out.

I really loved this song. It has meaningful lyrics. It’s upbeat, it’s flawless, skilled and successful. That’s what people are looking for. It’s a breath-taking song. I love this song but it might not be for everyone. Look out, Little Mix; Blessed are coming for you! By AC (Amelia)

Relax, close your eyes and listen; you will have a great time. What I think is that this is the best song in the world. The two sisters are 16 and 18 and they are a good band together. My picture was that I was in a jungle with both of my guinea pigs. The song was joyful. It was amazing, peaceful, magnificent. The song has a strong theme and I like the way the chorus repeats in the song because I think it’s a really good tune. By LB (Lewis)

Now, Blessed is a group of two sisters aged 16 and 18. They were born in London. This is their third single on YouTube with over 3000 views and this is their newest song – it was only made a few days ago. My first thought on Blessed’s ‘Pride’ was that it was jazzy and funky and the song was dramatic. They are really talented young girls. I reckon there was an emotional theme in their song lyrics and all I can say is “Well done, girls!” I would also recommend buying their album when it is released. Overall, I would rate it 10/10. By JGW (Jacob)

Above me is the blue sky. In front of me is a sea-shaped stadium with seaweed for fans, cheering the two iconic sisters who make the duo of Blessed. They are aged 16 and 18 but their voices make them sound like Sofia Carson, who’s in her 20s or 30s. They’re really skilled and talented and their song ‘Pride’ shows it all.

The song lyrics sort of remind me of The Lion King by saying, “You can be my lion and I’ll be your lioness” and these words, “Taming just like, taming just like me.” This really put a smile on my face. It’s also the best song and the only one that reminds me of Sofia Carson, so 10 out of 10. Now I gotta shoot, bye! By JH (Josh)

These talented girls from South-East London have released a new song and it is epic. The theme of the song is about pride and I really liked it because it was more my style of music. It was also a bit more girly because it sounded like Little Mix, but better because there’s only 2 people in Blessed! This is an awesome, funky band. By LC (Lottie)

In this song, I picture a scene where Little Mix are battling Blessed over and over again non-stop. Well, this song has a good beat to it. I highly recommend this song; the lyrics are amazing and their talent is flawless. It has a mesmerising sound and it can pull you out of your moody self. The two sisters have picked the right year to come and write this song! The vocals need a bit of work because I couldn’t hear it all clearly but in general, it’s a brilliant song. I think this song (Pride) will be very successful. I thought it was faultless when I first heard the song but now I have another issue. Some of the lyrics don’t make sense. However, it is very skilful and if I could, I would always listen to it. By MB (Mia)

Today was the worst day ever because I’ve just heard a new album. You wouldn’t believe two sisters sing the song but they’re very young and they actually live in South-East London. I’m not a fan of this song because I think it’s too girlish, slow, and squeaky. The song, as I didn’t say, is called ‘Pride’ and the two sisters are called Blessed. When they grow up, I don’t think they will achieve a lot. The song is just about how they lie to this boy to get him to love them but the boy didn’t like them. The two sisters did make their own lyrics but my opinion on them is that I think the song is too long. Well, when I was listening to the song, it made a picture in my head and it felt like I was in a random world because I didn’t really like the song. Like I said, I didn’t like the song because I thought it was too girlish but that’s just my opinion. So that was ‘Pride’ by Blessed. By LT (Levi)

Today, I will be sharing my opinion about the song ‘Pride’ by the artists Blessed. This song was written by two teenage sisters. Their ages are 16 and 18. I thought this song was a really nice song because it relaxes me and it was a calm song and it was also quiet.

It’s a song that would calm people down. It had a lot of grand tunes and lyrics. The lyrics were pretty good and they didn’t repeat any verses which can be boring. The picture in my head was two girls with a microphone singing and playing instruments. I enjoyed the song because it has a lot of detail to it and it was interesting to listen to. This makes me want to relax. By KR (Kelsey)

Here’s the picture in my head, so imagine this! Lions in the wild, running and having so much fun because they are happy and excited. The girls that wrote the song are from South-East London and they’re 16 and 18 years old. The song is funky and jazzy. When I heard it for the first time, I felt like I needed to dance and jump around and do cool moves.

Anyway, the theme for the song is about lions or something like that. Well, I think it’s about lions running in the world very happily. All of the lyrics were funky exciting and powerful. The song was awesome, neat, exciting and it has a feel-good song. The two sisters are very talented and it I was a judge, I would give it 10/10. By FP (Faye)

It’s like waves crashing and the soft sand between your toes. There are green, beautiful, swaying palm trees with hard wooden chairs. This is what I see when I listen to the song ‘Pride’. The band are called Blessed and they are two young sisters; one 18 and one 16. Both of the girls are from South-East London. They already have three singles out and this is their new one, Pride. I can see them making a lot of money. I would definitely give it 100 out of 100 for sure. If you like Little Mix, Rita Ora or Katy Perry, then you will love these girls. The lyrics for the song are very catchy and bouncy. I also think it’s quite summery as well. Their song is very funky, classic and catchy. I would definitely buy this even if it’s not free. By KR (Katelyn)

Today was one of the best and worst days in the universe – it’s 50/50, really. I heard the band Blessed and they are two sisters. One is 16 and the other sister is 18 and they are from South-East London. Their song Pride is amazing and it’s very mesmerising. The words made me feel really powerful when I first heard the song. The song appears to be about lions. I liked how they sang; it was very cleverly written and I predict that this song will have a great, massive, successful future. It’s also easy to dance to it.

I think that this song is romantic as it creates an image of two lions becoming a couple. They are catchy and brilliant words. Then here’s where it gets worse! Suddenly, these awful pictures come into my big, beautiful brain! I see myself in a world full of pink with things that girls like! I did not enjoy that! Overall, I enjoyed the song. It was entertaining and it was focussed a lot on lion and I think people will want to dance to it. It is a highly recommended and entertaining song. By HG (Harishshawn)

On a rock like out of The LION King, there are two beautiful girls. (They’re not really on a rock, it’s just what’s in my head!) Today, I will be reviewing a song called ‘Pride’ and it’s by a duo group called Blessed. Blessed are a group of two and they are both girls. The two girls are 16 and 18 years old and they live in South-East London. They write, dance and sing their own songs.

The first time I listened to this song, I felts as if I was behind the scenes. My reaction was ‘I love it! This might be better than Little Mix!’ This song has a lot of musical harmony. I reckon that this song has a theme and the theme is a lion love story. The song mentions a girl being a lioness and some boy being a lion. The entertaining piece of lyrical music shows a sensitive touch with complex words. They are meaningful, fresh and unique.

As I listened to it for about the fifth time, it started creating a picture. The picture it created was of a flawless lioness falling in love with a powerful lion. I really enjoyed this song because it was lyrical and layered. If you like Little Mix, you will like Blessed. These girls might be the next big thing! By MC (Megan)

This piece is called Pride and encourages people to break away from their group to form a new relationship, like a pair of lions. The duo is made up of two sisters; one is 16 and one is 18. They are from South London. Together, they call themselves Blessed.

I am speechless. At just 16 and 18, they can already produce a poetic, rhythmic and cleverly-written piece of music. This new single is about how you should not let your feelings get the better of you and that, like a lion, you should be courageous and let your emotions fly when you’re besotted with someone new.

Blessed is a breath-taking example of art fully accompanied with catchy and flawless lyrics and I loved them. Who knew that 16- and 18-year-olds could produce such mesmerising and danceable lyrics? As the music and the lyrics combine, the image of two caged lions breaking free and coming together floods into your mind. For me, this song is like a dream in heaven. I think the pair will achieve so much in life, especially at such a young age! By RW (Raeanna)

Imagine if you and another girl, aged 16 and 18, are on your way to fame. How amazing would that be? That’s what these two girls are doing. They come from South-East London to burst out our eardrums with their ground-breaking songs. Blessed can definitely rock out some good vibes! If you’re into Little Mix, Paloma Faith or Rita Ora, then these girls are for you. The catchy song channels your anger into a heart-beating love. This song is flawless, in my opinion. You can really tell they have polished this piece. It’s good to have you with us, girls! Blessed seem to include passion and pride in all they do.

Like the words are telling a story, they sing this energetic piece with a strong tempo. It’s musical, fresh, sophisticated and stunning. Picture this, you’re running away from home, heading into the safari. A gypsy caravan stands by, waiting. As the wind blows through your hair, you start dancing while all the zebras and lions are watching. I would definitely recommend this song to a girl band lover. Keep rocking, girls! By MP (Millie)

Today, I am going to tell you about this song called Pride. There are two sisters and they come from South East London. They are only 16 and 18 years old. They wrote the song themselves and they even do their own dancing! The song sounds relaxing and calming and I would like to listen to it more. The sisters sound like Little Mix and they are cool as well. The backing music sounds beautiful, fresh and delightful. I think it’s a love song because they background music keeps me calm and relaxed. The lyrics are gorgeous and it reminds me of Little Mix but even better. The two sisters are really cool. I feel like they are in a car with the roof down and the wind blowing in their hair as they sing really loudly. I thought they would be between 20 and 30 but they’re only teenagers! I really enjoyed the song and the chorus made me want to sing along. I would give it 10/10 and I will definitely be buying their album. By BH (Bradley)

These two girls, writing and performing their own songs, are shooting for the stars with this song. Blessed (the name of the band) have released their third single, Pride. The girls are sisters and are from South-East London. One is 16; one is 18. The girls will be fighting for fame but as they are so young, I think they still have room to improve. The song is modern and catchy, so they may take Little Mix’s place in the UK Top 40! This is not your average, ordinary, everyday girl group! I think if you like Little Mix, you will like Blessed’s Pride. By OR (Owen)