Amaroun – Bed Bugs (LGM Records) 
Amaroun - Bed Bugs

Release Date: Out Now

Peckham’s Amaroun comes across as a perfectly normal woman. According to Facebook, she likes stakeboarding, eating and playing music which is all cool but then you listen to ‘Bed Bugs’ and realise she’s not normal at all. Musically, this is somewhere between Afrobeat, the Cure and Bent but all viewed through the most vivid kaleidoscope on the brightest, most sunny day. Then in comes Amaroun’s voice like a dream wrapped in a cloud floating on a warm summer’s breeze like Zoe Johnston’s fragility but with the warmth of Sia or Skye Edwards. Visually, this song is tailor-made for a warm, amber hued sunrise over a strangely clean London full of hope and possibilities which is not a bad place to be. That said, I lived in a London where I actually had bed bugs so I obviously needed to live in Peckham instead of Shepherds Bush.

Live Dates:

29th November – Sebright Arms, London w/Albert Gold + Strike