Alice Short – Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick 
Alison Short - Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick

Release Date: Out Now

When you get sent a song called ‘Harvey Weinstein Is A Prick’ you have two things to do; 1) Listen to it and 2) Share it widely in case there is someone out there who is not aware of this simple fact. British talent (raw talent) Alice Short has pounced on this new (not new) information surrounding the sexual sleazeball that is Harvey Weinstein and produced a spoken word slice of brutalism that cuts at the core of this whole sorry situation. An ominous beat chimes out sounding like a wrench banging on an old pipe while jazzy notes are sprinkled out but that’s all just background notes to provide a backdrop for the razor-sharp delivery of Short. There will obvious and understandable comparisons to Kate Tempest but there is more than enough room in this world for two angry and articulate women so there’s no harm in that. If you need a little sour to counteract all the sweet being pumped out at the moment then you’ve got to get some of this in your life.

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