Talitha Rise – Bloodfox 
Talitha Rise - Bloodfox

Release Date: 20th October 2017

There is something simultaneously creepy and comforting about the eerie piano notes that open up ‘Bloodfox’, the new single from Devon based singer-songwriter Talitha Rise. As the vocals sleepy drift in to the song on that soft cloud of piano notes the song takes on a dream-like quality and it’s hard not to just sink back in to your chair and take a deep breath. The percussion is minimalist to say the least while a bass drone creeps in and I’m reminded of the work of LWM favourite Seaker and the more isolated moments of the likes of Feist and Bat for Lashes. There’s a fairly distressing video to go along with this which has a slightly Kate Bush feel to its production quality and the same could be said of the closing vocals as Talitha Rise sings “Oh I’ve seen enough to last a life time”. Haunting, beautiful, engaging and deeply unsettling – just in time for Halloween then or the soundtrack of the next series of West World.

Live Dates:

15th October – Russell Hills’ Country Music Show, Portsmouth
21st October – Lewes Con Club, Lewes

Watch the Video: