Sara Diamond – Stay A Little 
Sara Diamond - Stay A Little

Release Date: Out Now

I’m literally (and I use that word advisedly) running out of words to describe the wondrousness of the music that continues to pump out of Canada like the endless refills of a slushy in Pizza Hut. Sara Diamond is a Montreal resident and also a quality musician with a knack for woozy, classy pop. ‘Stay A Little’ blends Lana Del Rey vibe but with a more overtly sexual tone in between the carefully placed beats and intermingling string stabs. There is more than a little Dua Lipa in this track and the orchestral breakdown followed by Diamond’s exemplary vocal solo just takes this one to another level. This is a pop mammoth and could, no should, stand shoulder to shoulder with the queens of the pop world. Props to the production of Noah Barer and Austin Tecks too, just adding another layer of class to an already imperious track.