Rylands Heath – Stop The Rain 
Rylands Heath - Stop The Rain

Release Date: Out Now

Luton lads James Jack, aka Rylands Heath, are back with another perky single by the name of ‘Stop The Rain’ and it might just be their finest moment. Sure, this is straight up indie-pop but it channels so many great bands that I love which it makes it instantly adorable. The vocal delivery is somewhere in the vicinity of Maximo Park, the innocent rhythms are akin to the View, there are elements of Livingston and the Supernaturals in there too in the sweet melodies with sour vocals. Throw in some Kooks for the kids and you’ve got yourself a died in the wool tune that, when those vocals start layering up as if in the round, makes you want to just join in. Also, I don’t know if there’s a video to accompany this but a lo-fi indie version of the Singing in the Rain dance routine filmed on the streets of Luton would go down a treat.