Melanie Crew – Midnight Sounds EP 
Melanie Crew - Midnight Sounds

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been deliberating over this opening sentence for a while but I’m just going to say it; I think Melanie Crew needs to move. You see, this isn’t my first time listening to her work and she has such a gentle, comforting, home-spun sound that it always amazes me when I see her current location as London. Don’t get me wrong, I had 10 mostly wonderful years in London but I feel like Melanie must have Rhino thick skin to have survived in that city with such a seemingly gentle demeanour. Nonetheless, survive she has and grateful we must be for that fact (sorry, started channelling Yoda there for a minute).

This new five track EP begins with the end-of-the-day lament of ‘Evening Light’ that is full of poise, sadness and the gentle regret you get when you know you’re having a great time but, right in the middle of that great time, you realise that it will have to end at some point. On ‘Visions’ Crew strips things back even more to the raindrop pitter-patter of guitar notes and her soft, vulnerable voice calling out in the twilight hours. ‘The Place I Knew’ is strangely reminiscent of ballads by the likes of REM and Foo Fighters in its key changes but that voice is so very English this might as well be Mary Poppins at an open-mic night making the audience fall in love with every practically perfectly pronounced word.

Melanie Crew
Things take a turn towards the minor notes on ‘Out of Sight’ which allows Crew to expand her vocal range and create a song that would fit in perfectly on an album by LWM favourites Sound of the Sirens. The EP closes with ‘Stay All Night’ which switches things up to a more electric guitar sound and Crew sings “I don’t know anything about but I know I’ve spent too many minutes thinking what if we could begin again tonight”. Lyrically this EP is full of sadness and laments but with a real sense of enjoying that emotion – not quite wallowing but certainly finding comfort in it. Only one of these songs comes in at more than three minutes and I think that’s the key to Melanie Crew’s tunes is that they might be gentle and vulnerable but they get to the point, they are engaging and they aren’t self-indulgent. That said, I do feel the urge to put an arm around this EP, buy it a drink and tell it that everything will be OK if it just hangs in there.

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