Lowly Hounds – Give Up Giving In 
Lowly Hounds - Give Up Giving In

Release Date: Out Now

It’s not often you come across a band that is split fifty-fifty between a Brazilian and a Brit with influences that include Supergrass, Fleetwood Mac and Alabama Shakes. In fact, it’s never happened before until Lowly Hounds got in touch with their new single, ‘Give Up Giving In’. An even more pleasant surprise is the slick pop element that weaves itself throughout the rock-blues that this pair so elegantly present. Sure, the guitar and drums are front and centre as you might expect but there’s a synth melody and vocal harmonies that add a certain class to proceedings to elevate these two above mere Black Keys copyists in to a different category altogether that has a Maximo Park meets the Killers vibe going on which is tasty. Damn tasty.