Hypophora – Headlines 
Hypophora - Headlines (photo: @craigtaylorbroad)

Release Date: Out Now

When I look down the list of Hypophora’s ‘Artists We Also Like’ and it includes NARCS (RIP), Cousin Buzz, Forever Cult, Allusondrugs and Patrons I can only surmise two things; they have excellent taste and they really want a deal with Clue Records. Musical taste aside, however, what can we glean from the Cornish quartet’s new single, ‘Headlines’? Well, they know how to rock hard but in an incredibly tight and controlled manner akin to Biffy Clyro, Incubus, Reuben and anyone of the aforementioned excellent peers. In Katie McConnell they have a frontwoman who possesses power, grace, a fierce presence and no shortage of melody in a voice that would rival Hayley Williams. Also, Hypophora are not afraid to mix it up, take time out for a feedback solo or just explore a bit of a jazz in the middle of an ambitious 4 minute single. Finally, we can deduce that their video budget extended to a few fairy lights and a cameraman/woman with the shakes. So, give them a stage (or a series of stages, like a tour) and a bigger video budget then these guys have got the chops and the tunes to back it up. Blistering stuff.

Live Dates:

28th October – Halloween Rock Night @ Bar Socio, Newquay w/Kernuyck + 50 Year Storm
12th November – Crowndale Club, London
16th November – MONO, Falmouth w/Knave + Sunbruise
19th November – The Crofters Rights, Bristol w/ Last Hyena + Hamartia

Watch The Video: