Felix Hagan & The Family – Attention Seeker 
Felix Hagan & The Family - Attention Seeker

Release Date: Out Now

One of my new favourite bands of 2017, the glorious Felix Hagan & The Family, are back with another superb single and some wonderfully understated artwork. ‘Attention Seeker’ begins with a defiant beat and an itchy, impatient melody that’s just waiting for the chorus so it can explode in all its inherent gloriousness. The chorus is a veritable glitter cannon of energy that draws together the indie-pop energy and fun of the likes of Scissor Sisters, Mika, My Life Story and Queen with a raw, almost punk energy. This song is the embodiment of those people we all know who work Monday to Friday in a job that does nothing but pay the rent and have enough left over for their real passion, whether it be dancing until they pass out on a Saturday night or cross-dressing and singing show tunes in a basement bar on a Saturday afternoon. “I don’t like to show my soul to strangers but show me yours and I’ll show you mine and we’ll dance together one more time” sings our heroic frontman Felix Hagan and if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of an anthem being dragged kicking and screaming in to a world that is crying out for anthems and good times.

Live Dates:

26th November – The Borderline, London

28th November – Band on the Wall, Manchester