Ms Mohammed – Alibi
Ms Mohammed - Alibi

Release Date: 29th September 2017

There are those that make music for the pursuit of fame, fortune and the belief that all that glitters is in fact gold. Then, there are those that use music as a medium through which to communicate, pass on a message and to educate. Ms Mohammed is firmly in the latter camp but, on the evidence of this latest track, ‘Alibi’, there’s a fair chance that the former camp still has some space for the artist formerly known as Dana Jade as well. The layered rhythms that kick things off are impressive off but when that circular buzz-saw of a guitar riff slides in you know you’re in for something special. Mohammed’s vocal is low, sultry and soulful but there’s a clenched-teeth steel to the delivery that tells you there’s no messing to be had here. The melodies blend Asian roots with Western influences and before long your swept away by the hypnotic swirl of this track, whipped up in to a frenzy that transcends genre, gender, culture and pretty much any other dividing line that society wishes to lay down. Ms Mohammed mean business so get on board now while the train is moving just slow enough for you to grab a hold – things are about to speed up.