Jamie Yost live @ The Inn On The Shore, Downderry – 08/09/2017 
Jamie Yost

Every night of every week around the world there is a musician pouring his heart out in the corner of a bar somewhere. Tonight, that musician is Jamie Yost, that bar is the Inn on the Shore and that heart is overflowing. Originally from Torquay but now based in Plymouth, Yost has a growing reputation for his wide ranging and soulful vocals mixed with the ability to wring all manner of sounds and emotions out of an acoustic guitar.

One of my favourite games to play at a pub gig is to earwig on the conversations of other audience members to see what they think of the music and tonight’s chatter pretty much wrote this review for me. As Yost moves effortlessly from cover to original without making one song jar against another, the huddled masses mutter words like ‘genius’, ‘prodigy’ and, in one case, ‘pinball wizard’. Yost’s youthful looks combined with his guitar playing make him appear like some sort of child genius but when he opens up his mouth (and heart) to sing there is more soul in that voice than most manage in an entire career.

From strumming to picking and the occasional bit of lap playing and hammering, Yost gives his guitar a thorough work out, all soothed over by that velvety smooth vocal. The only downside to all of this is that, like many hugely talented musicians, Yost has a meek onstage presence and is the ying to Donald Trump’s self-promotion yang. Still, talent usually wins out and with another clutch of converted fans from this gig, Jamie Yost will continue his relentless shuffle to mega stardom. Or at least the release a much anticipated EP.