Echotape – This Could Be Anything (Believe Digital/Amalgamated Sonic Industries) 
Echotape - This Could Be Anything

Release Date: 22nd September 2017

The most surprising thing about the first time I listened through this EP was when I realised that Echotape were a British based band. There’s a quirkiness and gloss to these four tracks that would suggest these four gents were from Scandinavia or LA (maybe Canada at a push) but they’re not your average Britpop indie kids. The EP, titled ‘This Could Be Anything’ (but could be called ‘Four Stages of A Dead Relationship’), is a riotous romp of indie-pop proportions that opens with twitchy and furious paced ‘Forget It’ which blends the angularity of Dutch Uncles with ‘Sex On Fire’ era Kings of Leon ambition. Now, as opening gambits go, that’s pretty bold but to then throw in a melody that would fit in nicely on a Rooney album and a bassline that just doesn’t stop rolling is just outright impertinent!  

Echotape - they want your lunch money
“I think that I’ve fallen out of love with you and it breaks my heart to say that I know we’re better off this way”. Just soak that up. Heart breaking, isn’t it? These are the words that open ‘Out of Love’, a tune with the spirit of Ed Sheeran but wrapped up in a big, glossy Killers-esque package and given the heart of Simple Minds or Runrig – it’s a glorious break-up song. ‘Don’t Want Anyone’ opens with what, by now, is starting to become a trademark intense beat and soon blossoms in to a fists-in-the-air indie anthem. The guitars are tight and perky, the bass is used precisely and that chorus lyric of “I don’t want anyone, anyone else but you so don’t go leaving so damn soon” is straight out of the Libertines song back but presented with the pop sensibilities of Grass Show.

The EP closes out with ‘4AM’ which goes back to Brandon Flowers for a sense of drama with the piano and vocal opening, “You’re in love with him and there’s nothing I can do to stop this happening”. As sparse alt-pop songs go, this one has real soul but in the hands of the likes of Maroon 5 or Justin Bieber it might feel schmaltzy or insincere. Not so with Echotape though. No, these four gents have mastered that fine balance between pop hooks, indie energy and songs that actually hit you right in the feels without any apology or softening. If you’ve just been dumped then you need this. If you haven’t been dumped you still need it. You just need it.

Live Dates:

30th September – The Rockhouse, Andover
7th October – Eetcafe Stathe, Utrecht

12th October – Aloft, Brussels