Chess Galea – Money Talks (Blu Bow Records)
Chess Galea - Money Talks

Release Date: Out Now

First up, influences for Chess Galea are listed on her Facebook page as Freddie Mercury, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Prince. I’m pretty much sold already but let’s delve a little deeper just in case this is awful.... Galea’s new single ‘Money Talks’ opens with a steady, stylish stomp which has a fair amount of swagger about it and the accompanying dance montage video adds an element energy to that relentless march. Vocally, there’s a ying and yang of pop and soul in Galea’s breathy vocal and you can tell that she didn’t just listen to the songs of her heroes but also how they would get the most out of each note, each breath and every piece of airtime available to them.

Live Dates:

15th October – Spice Of Life, London

Watch The Video: