Bare Hunter – Dry Rot 
Bare Hunter - Dry Rot

Release Date: 22nd October 2017

London trio Bare Hunter have some serious mojo and swagger about them at the worst of times. I mean, these guys could start a riot just going to the 24-hour garage to buy some semi-skimmed milk and a multipack of Kit-Kats. But when they go and drop a tune like ‘Dry Rot’, well, a responsible person would at least put in anonymous call to the police. Scotland Yard preferably. Drenched in Blues and bad intentions, the guitars stumble in like a drunk entering a saloon bar maintaining just enough poise to get another shot of sarsaparilla.  The drums rattle and roll with a looseness rarely seen these days while the vocal performance is born of someone sucking on a razor blade to get that perfect, raspy sound. “With a soul buried deeper than an exit wound” they sing and you don’t doubt for a second that they mean it. Essential listening.

Live Dates:

22nd October – Single Launch @ Listen With Monger presents Blogtober @ the Finsbury, Manor House w/Mux + The Malthusian Trap + Lots Holloway + Paul Armer [FREE ENTRY]

3rd November – 10th Birthday Party Part One @ Paper Dress Vintage, London w/Miraculous Mule + more