We Singing Colors – Get Up Slowly (Volta Records)
We Singing Colours - Get Up Slowly

Release Date: Out Now

Bucharest is not a place I get many submissions from but if indie-poppers We Singing Colours are anything to go by then I’m up for more. New single ‘Get Up Slowly’ comes ahead of their second album due out later this year and it’s a lot of fun. The male-female vocal harmonies bounce effortlessly along on top of a lively acoustic melody and a subtly persistent rhythm. “Get up slowly, I know you can, If you make it here you’ll make it anywhere” they sing with the kind of honest friendship and encouragement that you normally only get in Country music. In the hands of Passengers or Aviici and with a bit more pop production this could easily be a summer time hit to be played specifically when you’re best friend has just been dumped and you need to convince them to get their best clothes on and get back out in to the world. Uplifting and genuinely heart-warming.

Live Dates: 

6th August – Boho, Camden

8th August – Easter, Dalston Garden

Watch The Video:


  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9b6w67z71v46t9e/Bongley_Dead_-_Undici_%282017%29.rar


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