The Moonlight Crusade – No Denying 
The Moonlight Crusade - No Denying

Release Date: Out Now

For this, the 2000th article posted on Listen With Monger, I wanted to bring you something special, something utterly new and on the cusp of great things. Fortuitously, the debut release from the Moonlight Crusade fell in to my lap/inbox and my search was over. There couldn’t be a more instant beginning to a song than that which opens ‘No Denying’ and lesser bands would have tested the water with a wall of feedback first but this trio is straight in to the action. A relentless, malevolent beat punctures the squall of guitars before delay drenched vocals rise up desperately from the mire to call you in to shore. The Moonlight Crusade are rising from the smouldering ashes of North-East heroes Bernaccia as brothers Jonny and Dom Noble carry a torch for the dramatic and psychedelic side of music but it’s where they carry that torch that is really interesting – notably, in to crypts, dark alley ways and grave yards full of metaphorical and real skeletons. 2000 pieces published and still there are bands lurking in the shadows all around the world making music that makes the hairs stand up on your neck and dry your mouth out with anticipation. Here’s to the next 2000.