The Mind Mending Project – An Introduction 
Filipe Fale

You might have guessed from reading this here blog that I have more than a passing interest in music. Music has the power to change your mood, to give you energy (or drag you down), the power to change minds and overpower hearts and the ability to heal. It is this last point that spoke to me when I heard about The Mind Mending Project, set up by Portuguese musician Filipe Fale of the band Pulmonic.

At the age of just 36, Filipe was playing a gig with his band, a trio of musicians from across the world, and he had a stroke, right there on the stage. When he came-to, the bassist and singer was paralysed on the right side of his body and unable to speak – a pretty devastating blow and entirely unexpected.

What Filipe found was a complete lack of information on strokes for younger patients and, being the proactive type, he set about creating the Mind Mending Project. Initially, the intention is to create a hub for fellow stroke sufferers and, as part of the project, Filipe is making and staring in a documentary to increase awareness and make sure nobody has to feel alone if they have suffered a stroke or are caring for someone who has had a stroke.

Of making the documentary, Filipe says “I’ve always wanted to do something artistic – but given what has happened to me, it took that opportunity away. Making this move changes that”. One thing I have learned from Filipe is that musicians are at a higher risk of having a stroke due to the unusual and constant stress they place on their bodies. Add to that the fact that in the UK alone, around 25% of strokes occur in individuals under the age of 65 and I felt that this was a cause of acute relevance to you lot, my demographic.

Anyway, have a look, have a listen and maybe get involved in some way. I am not a religious person but the phrase “there but for the grace of God, go I” seems to fit here and I don’t know the Atheist version of that piece of wisdom. 

The Mind Mending Project:  

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