San Blas – Kiss From Argentina
San Blas - Kiss From Argentina

Release Date: Out Now

Everyone’s favourite Ukulele rockers (yes it’s a thing) San Blas are back and their new single 'Kiss From Argentina' is certainly something different. For a start, there’s a six minute video which is unusual in itself but then the Ukulele is used to moody, dramatic effect (not your normal tone for an instrument of whimsy). Some crashing cymbals and elfin vocals soon give way to thumping drums and a drive bass line, smoothed over by some delicious horns. This is one of those tunes that changes on you repeatedly and it’s hard to place what kind of audience you would want to play this to but I guess a support slot with the likes of James or the Levellers wouldn’t be a million miles away from the target. That said, any audience with a discerning ear and a taste for something different would lap this up so wrap your eyes and ears around this treat.

Watch The Video: