Philip Whitehead – I’m Gone 
Philip Whitehead - I'm Gone

Release Date: 25th August 2017

Philip Whitehead lives in Hammersmith which is not a trendy hub of music at the moment but has a rich musical heritage and not just because I used to shop in the Tesco there and partake of the odd curry. Throughout the years, many a band has made music in and around Hammersmith and there’s a timeless quality to Whitehead’s new single ‘I’m Gone’ that feels as though it has been lurking under the flyover just observing and soaking influences up the passing troubadours over the years. The song opens with near-whispered late night vocals and the gently plucked guitar strings of Cream era Clapton while the structure of the song follows a more Elliot Smith pattern that builds beautifully. The guitars layer up slowly but surely before the drums give up on their stuttering subtlety to find a loose groove that shifts the song up a gear. By the time the chorus properly rips in and Whitehead opens up his lungs you know you’re listening to a proper, died in the wool rock tune that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Jeff Buckley album, such is the soaring and affirming climax in a crescendo of guitars and cymbal crashes. Sumptuous doesn’t even cover half of it.

Live Dates:

23rd August – The Monarch, Chalk Farm
6th September – The Old Queens Head, Islington